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The Met Film School Presents

Written & Directed by Paloma Lommel

Starring Kim Evans, Charlie Heaton

Produced by Raluca Ionescu, Katelyn Connerty

Cinematography by Laura Elizabeth Gallop

Production Design by Melanie Jane Livermore

Edited by Liam McEvoy

Music composed by Greg Vittore

Special Thanks to Robert Bierman



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DRAMA - UK (2014) - 19 min

Claire, a former teacher is haunted by her memories of a mysterious event that happened a year ago. In order to come to terms with her past, she decides to return to the place where her sense of guilt originates from: School.

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Best Supporting Actor (Charlie Heaton) – The Northern Virginia International Film Festival (VA, USA 2015)

Award of Excellence – Best Women Filmmakers – Best Shorts Competition (CA, USA 2015)

Award of Excellence – Best Women Filmmakers – The Indie Fest Film Awards (CA, USA 2015)

Best Director (Paloma Lommel) – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (CA, USA 2015)

Audience Award – Best Short Film – Intendence Film Festival (CO, USA 2015)
Gold Reel Award – Nevada International Film Festival (NV, USA 2015)

Excellence in Film (Paloma Lommel) - Stella Adler Los Angeles Academy Award (CA, 2015)
Oustanding Cast Performance – Action on Film Festival (CA, USA 2015)
Best Drama Film – Trinity International Film Festival (MI, USA 2015)
Award of Excellence – Best Women Filmmakers (Special Mention) – The Accolade Film Competition (CA, USA 2015)

Best Student Short Film & Best Actress (Kim Evans) – Follow Your Dreams Film Festival (CA, USA 2015)
Silver Award – Best Female Filmmaker (Paloma Lommel) – International New York Film Festival (NY, USA 2016)

JURY AWARD – USA Film Festival (TX, USA 2016)

Golden Kaluha Award – Honolulu Film Awards (HI, USA 2016)
Best Original Screenplay (Paloma Lommel) – London Film Fest International (London, UK 2016)



Take Two Film Festival (New York City, NY, USA 2015)
Fort Myers Beach Film Festival (Fort Myers, Florida, USA 2015)
Derby Film Festival (Derby, United Kingdom 2015)
Kingston Film Festival (Kingston, NY, USA 2015)
Orlando Film Festival (Orlando, FL, USA 2015)
Alexandria Film Festival (Alexandria, VA, USA 2015)

Miami Independent Film Festival (Miami, FL, USA 2015)

London Independent Film Festival (London, UK 2016)

Berlin Independent Film festival (Berlin, GERMANY 2016)

Underwire Film Festival (London, Great Britain, 2015) - Nominated for “Under 25“, sponsored by BFI Future Film
Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner, (Cannes, France 2015)
Shawna Shea Film Festival (Uxbridge, MA, USA 2015)